PSHS Hack Club is a student-run high school club working to show beginners that they possess the means to create with code.

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What does Hack Club mean?

When we say hack, we’re talking about life hacking, but with computers. Hacking is creative problem solving of all kinds, and it often includes code.

As a club, we join together with the goal of solving problems using coding skills. We don’t crack into bank accounts here.

What do we do?

As part of the Hack Club initiative, we regularly meet to engage in computer and coding activities. Anyone, especially beginners, can join and start programming with us and our guidance.

Throughout the year, we will produce our own websites, games, and programs using professional tools and techniques. We also have the goal of attending nearby high school hackathons, or codefests.

When do we meet?

We will meet in room 501 every Friday, afterschool, unless otherwise announced in our Remind.

Sessions usually run from 3:00-4:30PM. Snacks are not uncommon!